Merging the gap of owners corporation
and great customer service.

Kabaker Property Group opened the Owners Corporation department in 2012. After many calls from unhappy and disappointed clients we realized there was a big gap when it came to offering owners corporation clients with great customer service.

We are very excited that we are able to focus on customer service and attention to detail. An ongoing complaint we receive from our clients, both landlords and tenants is that their body corporate is not proactive and continuously puts requests and tasks on the back burner.

Kabaker Property Group is very unique in that we offer a service whereby we can manage the actual Owners Corporation aswell as the individual apartments for landlords. This enables us to know every aspect of the block, both externally, internally and communal areas. If anything is happening in the block, we’ll know about it and be able to pass it onto the relevant owners and/or landlords. It makes communication much easier for all concerned. Please contact Kabaker Property Group if you would like an appraisal to take over the management of your Owners Corporation.

Kabaker Property Group offers general advice in relation to legislation regulations and insurance requirements, working in close harmony with the owners’ corporation members. Management assists with building long term maintenance strategies, retaining the integrity of the development, enhancing the value of the project and ensuring congenial living for all occupants at the block.

As an Owner Corporation our company has had many years’ experience in managing various precincts providing services that shall enhance the status of the development to prospect owner and occupiers. The management fee package is negotiable between the Owners Corporation Committee and Kabaker Property Group and is assessed at each Annual General Meeting or as determined by the Members Committee. Please contact Inessa Kabaker or Davidah Zeldin on 03 9528 1928 to discuss further.