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Whether you are a lot owner, a landlord, or a tenant, we deliver quality customer service – professional property management with care. Our work with property investors, landlords, tenants and tradespeople is driven by one important factor – to create the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. We do that with our commitment to clear, consistent communication, backed up by more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.

"Thank you so much. You always do a wonderful job and this once again proves how good a property manager you are especially in this environment. Cheers! Thanks once again!!!"


"We would like to thank Inessa and Kabaker agency that managed our rental property over two years. We definitely can recommend this agency, lovely people and all repairs were organised timely and in professional manner."


"It was a real pleasure meeting the owners of Kabaker property group. I am proud to be a part owner of a very fine property and It is a privilege to nominate me as Chairman of the committee. Many thanks for your excellent administration of our investment."

Stephen C

"Thanks for all your work and help. I have appreciated all your work in regards to my apartment. I hope you are well and that business is good”.

David Z

"Both myself and Alex would like to thank you for your service whilst we have been a tenant, the relationship was very professionally managed right from the start with communication always open and transparent."


"Thanks for being such a reliable and dependable service provider.  We’re so glad to have you guys on our team!"


"I have to say that one hand it’s sad for me to leave this wonderful apartment which was my starting home in Australia 4.5 years ago and it was always very nice to communicate with you over the these years.Thank you for all your support."

Marco W

Hi Inessa, Thank you for the prompt reply and many thanks for resending a letter regarding this. Hope you have a good day and we appreciate the work you and your team do. Regards.

Brett (Lot Owner – Owners Corporation Management)

It is often said ‘when you are on a good thing stick to it’. Well, Inessa Kabaker of Kabaker Property Group is nothing short of outstanding. Inessa gives us peace of mind that our properties are not only managed but also maintained to a level that allows for low maintenance and therefore saving us money in the long term.

Mary & Michael Xafis (Landlord)